Remarkable cultural and religious events are being organized in the region during the summer.
In July you can participate in the "Cultural Summer" event, organized by the Municipality of Orfanos, with events focusing mainly on the local products and traditions.

In August, you may attend the great folk Fair in the Ofrynio Beach, it is celebrating on the occasion of the day of the "Metamorphosis of Christe".

The celebration is religious to start with, but it is followed by the biggest in volume and duration, trade fair in the Kavala District (August 2nd-8th).

In the Philippon Theater, many cultural events are organised every summer.


The "Wine and culture" three-day Festival of the municipality, is taking place in the last ten days of August and they have been established as a local institution.

Wine-maker's associations and famous wineries in Greece and Europe, consider this event to be a very important one, when it comes to the advertisement of Greek wine, and the presentation of the best wines of the Greek wine-cellars.

The event includes live concerts with famous Greek artists.
The cultural festivals are organized by the nearby municipality of Amphipolis and they are taking place in the ancient .
This event actually attracts the whole Greek artistic world.